Best of Marrakech

Marrakech, is an exotic, colourful and mysterious city buzzing with life, charm and character. It is a place which floods the senses with colourful and overwhelming sights, sounds and smells.

Marrakech, the second imperial city of Morocco and the capital of the south, has been attracting visitors for centuries, and the djemaa El-fna , the most famous square in Africa is the local point to which the travellers have been drawn since the ancient times. The square comes to live in the in the evening as story tellers, snake charmers, acrobats musicians , pipe players, dancers and fortune tellers gather to entertain the vast crowds.

Marrakech is also rich in culture and great places of interest that are a testimony to the country's long history. The Saadian Tombs, an ornate sixteenth-century mausoleum, are one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in Morocco. By contrast, the lush peace of the Majorelle (Yves St. Laurent Gardens) evolved as an artist's retreat in the Nouvelle Ville in the 1920s. Here cacti, vines and tropical flowers tumble around waterways, mosaics and high walls painted in vibrant greens and bright blues.

Marrakech has many other delights, some just a view glimpsed through a doorway. There are surviving fondouks; the galleried ancient caravanserai; the distinctive Jewish quarter; the ramparts changing from ochre to rust in the changing light and storks nesting between the castellations; ornate city gates and minarets. Anything seems possible in this unique and timeless place.

The High Atlas, a mere 30km south of Marrakech and the greatest mountain range in North Africa, is undoubtedly the most beautiful and compelling part of this diverse land. Staying in Marrakech for a few days you are bound to hear about Ourika a long and beautiful valley with its streams and waterfalls where the locals escape the city heat in the summer is just an hours drive from you hotel.